CELINA ISENBART was born in 2000 and was raised in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, where she used to study photography at Lette Verein class of 2023 and is now a state certified photo designer. She initially began taking photos at the age of 10. Today, her main focus lies on Architecture, Documentary, Urbex and Travel photography.


07/2023 „Belüg mich“, graduation exhibition of Lette Verein photography class of 2023, Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany


„1:23:45am“, self-published photo book, March 2021:

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Vitsche Berlin, Vilni DE UA, CineMova e.V., Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin, Lette Verein Berlin, Schindler Aufzüge, GelBlau, WalQLike, Berliner Fenster, Stimme und Erfolg, Time of Roses, Clouds over Altona, Kukuwiza, Di grine Kuzine